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We take a whole-patient approach to health care, combining both preventative screening tools and comprehensive diagnostics to treat your current issues and get ahead of future problems that may be on the horizon.
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What sets us apart

Patient-First Approach

The Care Dermatology team takes a unique approach to treating the most exposed organ of the body. We understand that people often have complex skin needs. We actively listen to each patient in order to best address their medical and cosmetic skincare goals. We combine this friendly patient-first approach with our dermatology expertise to create a truly holistic medical experience. Simply put, we understand that you have a choice when it comes to local dermatologists. However, our personal commitment to each patient’s well being adds an extra dimension of care to our practice.

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What We Do?

Care Dermatology treats a variety of skin conditions, ranging from minor allergic reactions to chronic infections and illnesses. Our board-certified dermatologist and knowledgeable office staff have bring years of specialized experience to the practice. Whether you are looking for comprehensive preventative care, accurate diagnostics, or long-term disease management, our team is here to help.

Quality Skin Care

Skin cancer can be a devastating condition. However, the prognosis is drastically different for patients who are diagnosed early. Skin cancer screenings are a quick, painless, and non-invasive way for your doctor to check for signs of this disease. Your dermatologists trained eye can spot slight abnormalities in moles, birthmarks, and freckles. They will use this skin examination- along with your medical history and any symptoms to recommend mole removals and/or skin biopsies if needed. Regular skin cancer screenings will also allow your doctor to easily check for skin changes over time. This can lead to life-saving diagnoses.

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Skin Cancer

Patients with skin cancer should know that they have options. There are different types of this disease and a variety of treatments available. Your dermatologist will assess your type of cancer to recommend the best procedure for you. Options for removal include surgical excision, cryosurgery, curettage, and Mohs surgery. In addition to removal, your doctor will also help you prevent your skin cancer from reoccurring. We will offer you easy and sensible lifestyle solutions as well as comfortable and thorough surgical care. We also offer comprehensive follow-ups to ensure that your skin remains cancer-free.

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Allergies and Inflammation

An inflammatory response can wreak havoc on the skin. We offer comprehensive screenings and treatments to help you recognize an inflammatory condition and find relief. We treat allergic reactions, rashes, skin infections, eczema, and contact dermatitis, and other skin conditions that are caused by an inflammatory response. We also treat fungal, bacterial, and viral skin infections. For patients with chronic inflammatory issues, we offer allergy testing and other diagnostics to help you identify your skin triggers.

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Treating Acne

Acne and rosacea can be pervasive, embarrassing, and sometimes even painful. In order to treat these conditions effectively, it is important for your dermatologist to identify their root causes. We will analyze your skin, health history, lifestyle, and more to determine the cause of your skin condition. We will then use this knowledge to recommend a treatment that truly works. We offer oral medications, topical treatments, and skincare products to treat existing infections and to help skin stay clear in the future.

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Moles, Warts, and Skin Tags

Are you dealing with unsightly warts or skin tags? These growths can affect your confidence. Luckily, these common problems can be easily treated. Your dermatologist can remove these abnormalities using simple outpatient procedures. The result? Smooth skin that lasts. We will also analyze your warts and skin tags to check for abnormalities. Warts in particular can indicate a viral infection, so it is important to treat the skin if necessary. This will help you to keep the warts at bay long-term.

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Cosmetic Dermatology

Your dermatologist offers a variety of cosmetic procedures to restore and rejuvenate the skin. Unlike traditional spa procedures, these cosmetic treatments are handled by a medical professional, ensuring safe and effective results. We offer laser treatments, dermal fillers, and Botox injections for youthful-looking skin without surgery. We also use the latest technology to deliver fast, natural results.

We also offer a variety of reconstructive and restorative procedures, including birthmark removal, scar treatments, skin resurfacing, and more. These treatments reduce or eliminate the appearance of skin abnormalities so you can face the world with confidence

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Psoriasis is a chronic skin condition that responds best to a proactive treatment protocol. We work with each patient individually to understand their exact psoriasis triggers and symptoms. We will also assess your family history, psoriasis risk factors, and the current state of your skin in order to create a personalized care plan for your needs. Some psoriasis solutions include topical, oral, and injection treatments, as well as more natural approaches such as light therapy.

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State-Of-The-Art Diagnostics

The Care Dermatology Experiences

An accurate diagnosis will help your physician offer you the best possible medical care. Thanks to new technology, we can assess the health of your skin quicker and easier than ever before. We use patch testing, lab panels, skin biopsies, and full-body examinations to get a complete look at your skin. We also use these tests to get an understanding of your overall health. This allows us to put your skin health into the context of your overall body. By taking this holistic approach, we are able to quickly spot abnormalities for swift treatment.
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