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You might have heard of — or even experienced — blackheads popping up on your nose. But have you ever wondered what blackheads on cheeks look like?

Although tiny, these dark spots can do a lot of damage to your skin. For starters, you can kiss your glowy skin goodbye.

You see, blackheads don’t come out on their own. When you spot one, there are bound to be a bunch more that follow. Plus, it doesn’t take long for blackheads to spread their domain as they can easily travel from your nose to your cheeks. Even your forearms and legs aren’t safe from their terror, But don’t go on panicking just yet, because there are several ways you can fish these little buggers out and not leave a scar in their wake.

How are Blackheads Formed?

Like every other problem that arises, germs and bacteria are the main culprits behind blackhead formation. When categorized medically, blackheads, or open comedones, come under the umbrella of acne. Nonetheless, they’re of the noninflammatory kind, which means they’re not a medical-grade emergency.

When your pores get clogged, the dirt within them is what makes blackheads emerge from the depths of your skin. Not to mention, due to excess sebum and dead skin cells on your face, open comedones are most likely to sprout along your T-zone. In all this, your skin follicles act as a germ magnet, attracting all the filth there is.

So, when you touch your face with unclean hands or talk on your phone by pressing it to your cheeks, you unknowingly set the grounds for blackheads to fester and grow.

What Causes Blackheads?

Believe it or not, blackheads extending to your cheeks and jawline are not at all uncommon. There are actually quite a few reasons for that. The most common, however, is due to not properly taking care of your skin. Take a look at some of the following causes:

  • Hormonal Imbalance
  • Touching your face with unsanitary hands
  • Abnormal Keratin Production
  • Alcohol Abuse
  • Smoking
  • Excessive Sebum Production
  • Not changing pillowcases after every two weeks
  • Applying products that dry out your skin
  • Neglecting Sunscreen
  • Using heavy, pore-clogging facial products
  • Trying to pick at Blackheads
  • Hereditary Causes
  • Sleeping without washing off your makeup

How to Get Rid of Blackheads on Cheeks

Getting rid of the germs deeply rooted within your skin may be hard, but it’s not impossible. To get rid of blackheads from your cheeks, you should consider the following treatments:

  • Retinol Cream
  • Salicylic Acid (0.5% – 5%)
  • Professional Physical Extraction
  • Gentle Exfoliation
  • Chemical Peels
  • Laser Skin Surfacing
  • Oral Antibiotics
  • Microdermabrasion
  • Facial Cleaning Brush

What to Keep in Mind:

Dermatologists advise against trying to remove blackheads at home. Rather than making progress, DIY experiments can further irritate the skin, causing the blackheads on your cheeks to get seriously inflamed. Instead, reach out to a qualified dermatologist for a physical evaluation of your skin. Moreover, Care Dermatology is here to offer you quality skincare and premium treatment. No matter what, we’ve got your back. For more information, contact us at:

The Villages Clinic: (352)-218-3211
Fruitland Park Clinic: (352)-612-1722
Kissimmee Clinic: (407)-553-3979

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