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After wrinkles and fine lines, there is another culprit compromising youthful skin — age spots on the face!

Have you, too, noticed the pesky brown spots on your face? Not only do they affect the appearance of your skin, age spots indicate that you are past your prime. However, dermatology rarely has ever failed to provide solutions for skin concerns. So, if you are wondering how to get rid of age spots, carry on reading this blog!

What are the Brown Spots on Your Skin

Before we dive into the treatments, let us discuss what age spots actually are. In simple terms, age spots are small, flat dark patches on the skin that vary in size. Exposure to the sun is the primary reason why age spots occur, owing to their alternative name, ‘sunspots’.

You may notice the brown spots on your hands, shoulders, arms, and face. Age spots are also known by two other names; liver spots and solar lentigines.

What Causes Age Spots?

Excessive production of melanin is the reason why age spots occur. Exposure to the sun, which includes ultraviolet rays, leads to a speedy prediction of the natural pigment that is responsible for skin color, known as melanin. Years of sun exposure may result in clumped or high-concentration of melanin. And as a result, your skin develops age spots.

How to Remove Age Spots

You can get rid of age spots with the help of the following:

Your dermatologist might prescribe bleaching creams, alone or along with retinoids and a mild steroid, to fade the age spots over time. Although you may experience temporary itching, burning, dryness, or redness, it can significantly reduce age spots in months.

Cryotherapy involves using a cotton-tipped swab to put liquid nitrogen on the spot for no more than five seconds. This helps destroy the additional pigment, and once the area heals, you will notice lighter skin. If it is a small group of age spots, spray-freeing might work. A minor risk of scarring and discoloration is possible with this treatment, but an expert will handle the procedure in the required manner.

You can opt for dermabrasion to sand down the surface layer of skin using a rapidly rotating brush. Don’t worry, though, since new skin will grow lighter than before. Moreover, you may need dermabrasion sessions more than once. Temporary redness, swelling, or scabbing are normal side effects, but they disappear months later.

Chemical Peel
The benefits of a chemical peel extend to removing sunspots. By using a chemical solution, the dermatologist will work to safely remove the top layers of skin. As the top layer goes, new and smoother skin forms to replace it. However, there is a slight possibility of scarring, infection, etc., but that is rare. After a few treatments, you will notice visible results. There will be no more age spots, thanks to chemical peeling!

Laser Treatment
With one or two laser treatments, you will notice a prominent improvement in the appearance of your skin. Plus, the results are much more durable than a cream. Laser and intense pulsed light therapies get rid of melanin-producing cells without causing any damage to the surface of your skin.

Unveil a Youthful Skin Today!

If you are wondering how to get rid of age spots, medications, dermabrasion, chemical peels, laser treatments, and cryotherapy might help. At Care Dermatology, we assess your skin to pick the most suitable treatment. Are you interested in perfect skin? It is just a few digits away at:

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