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Do you have dry skin on your nose?

Imagine getting ready to go to an event, only to see the makeup on your nose is flaky and looks like it is peeling. There are many reasons behind dry skin around your nose. So, if you’re wondering, why is my nose peeling? Carry on reading!

Why is My Nose Peeling?

Many factors contribute to dry skin around the nose. You should see a dermatologist to determine the cause and proceed with adequate treatment. Here are a few reasons why your nose is peeling:

1. Using Hot Water & Taking Long Showers

Do you live in a place with harsh winters? It can be tempting to take long, hot showers. While it does help make you feel comfortable and warm, long-time contact with hot water could also result in flaky skin around the nose. Apart from this, washing your face frequently might also dry the skin around your nose.

2. Dehydration

There is a reason medical professionals stress drinking a sufficient amount of water — dehydration can lead to multiple detrimental consequences. One of the side effects of dehydration is dry skin. Since your skin doesn’t receive enough moisture from within, you may notice dryness around your nose and mouth.

3. Weather

Dry, cold winds and harsh winters can be the reason why your nose is peeling, especially if you do not use proper skin care products. Therefore, never skip using moisturizers and nourishing serums in order to avoid pronounced flakiness on your nose.

4. Skin Type

People with dry skin are prone to flakiness on their nose. However, with a combination of skin types with oily and dry areas, your nose might look like it is peeling. Talk to your dermatologist to find the most suitable treatment for your skin type.

5. Skin Conditions

Many times, dry skin around the nose has underlying causes, such as skin conditions. Atopic dermatitis, rosacea, and psoriasis are some conditions that lead to a dry nose; it is best to visit a skin specialist to get it evaluated.

6. Production of Excess Sebum Oil

When there is extra sebum oil production on your skin, chances are you will notice that the skin on your nose seems to be peeling. The reason this happens is the excess sebum plus the dead skin cells — the combination leads to dry and flaky skin on your nose.

7. UV Rays

Your skin needs protection from the extremely harmful UV rays of the Sun. Otherwise, among the many skin concerns, you will notice sunburn and skin peeling. It is best to use dermatologist-recommended sunscreens and follow the proper care instructions to protect your skin from the harmful effects of Sun exposure. They will help you treat sun damage in a professional manner!

Final Takeaway

Is your nose peeling? Factors such as UV rays, weather, long, hot showers, skin conditions, and more can be the reason you have dry skin around your nose.

At Care Dermatology, Dr. Tarek Shaath provides effective dermatological treatments. Visit our clinic for promising solutions to your skin concerns. You can also call us at (352) 218-3211!

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