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Birthmark Removal In Florida

As the name says, birthmarks are marks or lesions present at birth or may appear sometime later. Birthmarks are permanent and temporary, and the latter ones disappear as the child grows. Having birthmarks isn’t a cause of concern. However, some may indicate an underlying disease or require treatment for medical or cosmetic purposes.

Types Of Birthmarks

Congenital Nevi Birthmarks
It is a dark mark usually present on the scalp or the trunk, and the size varies from large to small. There is an elevated risk of melanoma development inside the mark when the child has grown up, and congenital nevus is around or greater than 20 cm. You should have regular appointments with an expert to keep the mole under supervision. 

Port Wine Stain Birthmarks
Impairment of capillaries is the cause of post wine stain. This is a permanent type of birthmark that looks pink during the initial stages and becomes darker with time. They typically appear on the face or neck. 

Mongolian Spot Birthmarks
These are brown or bluish marks that typically appear on the trunk of babies with Asian or African bloodlines. Mongolian spots don’t require any treatment and fade with age or disappear completely. 

Birthmark Removal In Florida

Treating Birthmarks

Most birthmarks are benign, and there’s no need for treatment. But it’s possible to remove the birthmarks, maybe for cosmetic purposes or to minimize the symptoms. Different treatment or removal options are available at Care Dermatology. Learn what is best for your child through a consultation with our experts. Call us today at (352) 218-3211 to schedule an appointment.

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