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Disclaimer – Use At Your Own Risk: The information on this website is for general information purposes only. Nothing on this site should be taken as advice for any individual case or situation. We will not be liable for any losses or damages in connection with the use of the information from these blogs. All blogs are meant to be educational. We advise always consulting with a professional before attempting anything written in a blog. We can not guarantee all of the services that we write about in our blogs. Any attempt to perform anything written in a blog can result in serious injury or fatality without expert guidance and oversight.

Psoriasis In Ears Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

Jul 15, 2022

Psoriasis is a condition characterized by scaling, itching, red patches, and dryness. If you’re experiencing psoriasis in your ears, it can be an uncomfortable and distressing experience. In this blog post, we’ll first describe the symptoms of psoriasis in ears. Next, we’ll discuss the causes of this condition. Finally, we will discuss treatment options you […]

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Are Spider Veins Dangerous? Should You be Worried?

Jun 30, 2022

Spider Veins are an extremely common phenomenon. So much so that around 23% of the US population is bound to get them once in their life. Nonetheless, that doesn’t mean it’s something to worry about. If you’re now wondering what spider veins mean? Or are spider veins dangerous? Then it’s time you sit down, breathe, […]

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13 Reasons Why There are Blackheads on your Cheeks

Jun 15, 2022

You might have heard of — or even experienced — blackheads popping up on your nose. But have you ever wondered what blackheads on cheeks look like? Although tiny, these dark spots can do a lot of damage to your skin. For starters, you can kiss your glowy skin goodbye. You see, blackheads don’t come […]

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9 Wonderful Benefits of Dermaplaning & Why You Should Get It

May 15, 2022

You’ve probably seen people taking razor-like sticks to their face to try and shave off their peach fuzz. Most would say that it’s a therapeutic facial procedure known as Dermaplaning. But that’s not exactly what dermaplaning is all about. In fact, there are far more uses and benefits of dermaplaning than you would expect. Not […]

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Tired of Plucking Your Excess Facial Hair Due To PCOS?

Apr 15, 2022

Do you find yourself removing hair from your face every other day? Isn’t it tiresome? Well, this may be a symptom of PCOS. This issue makes you lose hair on the scalp where it should not, all the while increasing its appearance on the face! How unfortunate. Read this blog to know the reason for […]

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Here are 7 Ways You Can Get Rid of Hyperpigmentation around Your Mouth

Mar 30, 2022

Hyperpigmentation around the mouth is extremely common. In fact, almost everyone gets it once in their lifetime. So, seeing dark spots around your lips, eyes, cheeks, and the like shouldn’t be that big of a concern. It’s only your skin’s way of asking for the care and attention it deserves. What is Hyperpigmentation? If you […]

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Sweat Smells Like Ammonia | What Your Body Is Telling You

Mar 15, 2022

Have you noticed that your sweat smells like ammonia? Sometimes, changes in the way your sweat smells can signal changes in your body. If you notice a change in the odor of your sweat, it could be a symptom of a potential health condition. This article will explore why your body sweats and what it […]

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Types of Dark Circles & 9 Simple Ways to Get Rid of Them

Feb 28, 2022

Eyes are the windows to one’s soul — but what if the window panes are rusted and the ledge hanging off by a nail? There’s nothing worse than pulling an all-nighter and ending up with huge dark circles under your eyes. And here’s a not-so-fun fact: there aren’t just one but four different types of […]

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