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Tired of Plucking Your Excess Facial Hair Due To PCOS?

Apr 15, 2022

Do you find yourself removing hair from your face every other day? Isn’t it tiresome? Well, this may be a symptom of PCOS. This issue makes you lose hair on the scalp where it should not, all the while increasing its appearance on the face! How unfortunate. Read this blog to know the reason for […]

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Sweat Smells Like Ammonia | What Your Body Is Telling You

Mar 15, 2022

Have you noticed that your sweat smells like ammonia? Sometimes, changes in the way your sweat smells can signal changes in your body. If you notice a change in the odor of your sweat, it could be a symptom of a potential health condition. This article will explore why your body sweats and what it […]

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What Do I Have Lumps Behind My Ear?

Jan 30, 2022

Do you have lumps behind your ear and are unsure about their causes? Lumps behind the ear have many possible causes, including skin or bone problems. Infections, certain cancers, and swollen lymph nodes can also lead to this issue. In most cases, a lump behind the ear isn’t a cause for concern and can typically […]

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Eczema on Scrotum | Causes, Explanation and Treatment

Jan 15, 2022

People with eczema may find that developing it on their scrotum can be a nuisance. But why does eczema on the scrotum happen in the first place? This article will explore what eczema is and why it happens, as well as the specific circumstances that can cause scrotal eczema. We’ll also talk about treatment options […]

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Scalp Psoriasis vs Dandruff | Differences, Treatment and Solution

Dec 30, 2021

Many people have to deal with an itchy, flaky scalp in their everyday lives, and most just chalk it up to dandruff. Sometimes, though, a flaky scalp can be concerning, especially if hair loss, redness, or shedding accompanies it. This article will discuss scalp psoriasis vs dandruff due to the similarities between the two conditions. […]

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What Can Cause Dark Spot On Lip?

Nov 15, 2021

Should you be worried if you find a dark spot on your lip? After all, you’re quite accustomed to how your normal, healthy lips look, and finding anything unusual can be worrying. In this article, we’ll discuss some of the possible causes for a dark spot on your lips. What Can Cause Dark Spot On […]

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