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Earlobe Repair Surgery In Florida

When people talk about beauty, the first thing that comes to mind is the face, hair or eyes. However, no one pays much attention to the earlobes. When you look closely, earlobes constitute a significant part of your facial beauty, and any damage can impact your face’s aesthetics. Genetics, injury, or wearing large and heavy earrings can result in ripped, stretched, or split earlobes. But don’t worry, there’s a solution. The experts at Care Dermatology in Florida offer earlobe repair surgery to enhance the beauty of your face.

Earlobe Hole Repair Surgery 

Earrings are beautiful; however, if you have a habit of wearing heavy earrings, they can alter your earlobes’ shape and make them look bad. The torn or stretched earlobe holes cannot self-repair, and you will need the help of professionals to make them look normal. However, earrings are not only to blame for the ripping damage. Unusual facelift, age, and trauma can also cause these alterations. Earlobe reconstruction surgery can prove beneficial for those looking to improve the aesthetics of their ear holes.

What Issues Can Earlobe Repair Surgery Address?

  • As you age, your skin becomes less elastic and loses its volume. This results in thin, saggy, or droopy earlobes. Earlobe reconstruction surgery can fix these issues with ease and promise you earlobes that you can love.
  • Torn earlobe holes can result from earrings getting caught on clothing, being pulled by children, or being torn-away due to injury or heavy earrings. Earlobe reconstruction surgery can effectively cater to this damage.
  • Gauged earrings can cause stretched earlobes that don’t look good at all. This surgery can take you away from that trouble.
  • If you are disappointed with your earlobes’ size, reduction surgery can treat genetically large earlobes so you can love wearing your earrings.
  • Facelift surgery can change the shape of your earlobe, giving you a “pixie ear.” Earlobe restoration surgery can help you in times of despair.
Earlobe Repair Surgery In Florida

Why Choose Care Dermatology As Your Provider in Florida? 

Many skincare clinics in the region offer earhole reconstruction surgery; however, nothing compares to the quality and precision that our experts can offer. Only a skilled hand knows the delicacy needed to perform an earlobe repair surgery and understands how small changes can promise drastic enhancements. After full recovery from the surgery, most of our patients report having their ears re-pierced successfully.

Are You A Candidate? 

Anyone of any age who is in good health can undergo reconstruction surgery. There are two types of candidates for this procedure. The first ones have damaged, torn, stretched, split, or ripped earlobes due to an injury, genetics, facelift, or aging factors. Additionally, they want to have their earlobe/s corrected. The others may have healthy earlobes but want to revamp their appearance. If you want your earlobes to look more aesthetically pleasing and proportionate, earlobe repair can turn your dreams into a reality.

How to fix a ripped/split earlobe? 

An earlobe reconstruction surgery is a complete in-office procedure that hardly takes 45-60 minutes to complete. Since the use of local anesthesia is involved, the procedure is painless. Each patient has a unique issue; therefore, the process for each varies. Most traumas or splits are sutured using a Z-plasty pattern. Many other procedures occur to help treat different problems. 

Things to Expect Before Surgery

An earlobe repair is a minor surgery, but you need to follow certain procedures for its success. If you are taking any medicine, your doctor may ask you to stop all or some specific ones. Smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages can lead to complications following the procedure; therefore, you may need to hold them for at least a few days before the surgery. If you notice any infection on or near the surgery site, immediately notify your doctor.

Earlobe Repair Aftercare

Patients don’t feel any pain during the procedure due to local anesthesia. Sometimes, you may feel a slight pressure at most. After the surgery, an ointment is applied, and the incision is covered with a bandage. You will need to reapply the ointment and bandage; your provider will instruct you on how to do so.

Most of the time, no pain is involved. You may only feel a little discomfort; therefore, there’s no need for a pain reliever. However, if you still cannot manage the ache, over-the-counter pain killers can help. Only in rare cases, the doctor may prescribe antibiotics to prevent the development of infections.

The best thing about this treatment is that you can immediately get back to work without compromising an important task. However, for the first few days, refrain from exercising rigorously and taking a bath. Also, avoid sleeping on the side of your surgery or using your phone to make long calls. In case you have had surgeries on both ears, sleeping on the back is your best bet.  

To get your ears re-pierced, you’ll have to wait for around five to six months or when your doctor says so. Surgeons recommend not to have re-piercing on the same location as the site is weaker and can lead to further complications. Making holes either to the left or right of the surgery area is the right way to go. Following the surgery, it’s better to avoid heavy earrings and making sure you or your children don’t pull your earlobes.

Unlike other surgeries, the scars from an earlobe repair surgery are unnoticeable, so you don’t have to worry about compromising the aesthetics of your ears.

Book A Consultation With Care Dermatology  

During a consultation with an expert, you can discuss your concerns related to your earlobes and decide on the best treatment path for some pleasing results. Our providers will meticulously examine your condition; this is necessary to design a repair procedure to help eliminate any torn and traumatized earlobes. Active engagement during the consultation will make you aware of all of your possible options and their outcomes so you and your provider can decide what is best for you.

Schedule An Appointment For Earlobe Repair  

Cost-effective does not have to mean a compromise on the quality. Are you looking for cheap and exceptional earlobe repair services in Florida? If so, consult with a specialist at Care Dermatology. With a promise to fulfill your desires, our team will do its best to make your experience memorable. Please give us a call at (352) 612-1722 to schedule your private consultation with one of the best dermatologists in the region.

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