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Do you have stubborn discoloration around your mouth? You can have dark skin around your mouth due to weather conditions, medications, trauma to the skin, vitamin deficiency, and hyperpigmentation. If you have hyperpigmentation, there are a number of ways to treat it topically. So, how to get rid of hyperpigmentation around your mouth?

What is Hyperpigmentation?

When certain areas of your skin darken due to excess melanin production, it is called hyperpigmentation. There are multiple factors that can lead to discoloration around the mouth.

Prolonged sun exposure, hormonal changes, and genetic predispositions make hyperpigmentation worse. If you smoke or use inadequate skin care practices, it can also contribute to the development of hyperpigmentation.

You will need to combine different techniques, including sun protection, topical treatments, and medical interventions to get rid of the hyperpigmentation.

Ways to Get Rid of Hyperpigmentation Around Mouth

The discoloration around the mouth can develop in small patches anywhere on your body. Though hyperpigmentation can be harmless, it can bother people and lower their self-esteem. Here are some ways to get rid of hyperpigmentation around your mouth:

  1. Topical Skin Lightening Products
    You can consult a dermatologist for topical products with skin-lightening agents that can diminish the discoloration around your mouth. They might recommend products with kojic acid, glycolic acid, vitamin C, etc. The agents work by promoting cell turnover and slowing down the production of melanin, which reduces hyperpigmentation over time.
  2. Chemical Peels
    An effective option for treating hyperpigmentation around the mouth is a chemical peel. You can opt for a professional chemical peel and notice significant improvement on your skin. The procedure involves applying a chemical solution to your skin, which peels the top layer off. Then, new cells are generated, and they tend to be even skin-toned. The dermatologist can customize the chemical peel based on your needs.
  3. Laser Therapy
    Another promising solution for darker skin around your mouth is laser therapy. It treats discoloration with high precision, breaking down melanin and stimulating collagen production. You will need to visit a dermatologist or licensed skin care professional for laser therapy.
  4. Microdermabrasion
    Microdermabrasion could be the solution to the discoloration around your mouth. It incorporates tiny crystals or a diamond-tipped wand to exfoliate the skin’s outer layer. As a result, it removes dead cells and encourages new, healthier skin to grow. You may need to undergo multiple sessions, but microdermabrasion will improve your skin tone. You will notice a significant reduction in the darker areas with professional microdermabrasion!
  5. Insulated Pulsed Laser (IPL) Therapy
    Insulated Pulsated Laser (IPL) Therapy is among the most effective treatments for hyperpigmentation. It makes use of broad-spectrum light and targets the melanin in the skin.The pigmented areas on your skin absorb the energy and fade over time. The procedure is quick and it is an excellent choice for targeting discoloration around your mouth!

Closing Note

If you have discoloration around your mouth, there are a number of ways to get rid of it. You should visit a dermatologist to determine the best way to get rid of the hyperpigmentation around your mouth and enhance your skin tone.

Dr. Tarek Shaath strives to provide you with quality treatments for your skin concerns. Get in touch with us at (407) 887-2250. Care Dermatology looks forward to helping you!

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