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Many skin conditions such as acne, blackheads, and whiteheads are common and have endless discussions surrounding their treatment. But milia has remained relatively unknown for most people. For those who have milia, though, it can be bothersome. So in this post, we’ll be talking about how to get rid of milia.

What Is Milia?

Milia are tiny cysts that form superficially just underneath the skin. If there’s only one cyst, it’s a milium. A milium can form when a sweat gland becomes clogged, causing a cyst filled with keratin to appear. The tiny white bumps usually occur in clusters around the thin layer of skin around the eyes and occur for several reasons. You’ll be relieved to know, though, that they’re quite prevalent among some groups of people and even affect newborn babies.

Is Milia Harmful?

You can breathe a sigh of relief, as milia are completely harmless and can be left alone. They do not grow, nor do they require treatment. However, it’s possible to develop more milia over time, especially if you expose your skin to anything that irritates or dries it out. This could be ingredients in your skincare products, soaps or shampoos, or even exposure to air pollution in some areas.

What Can I Do To Reduce Milia?

If you regularly find new milia on your skin, here are some tips you can use to reduce their occurrence:

  • Use non-comedogenic skincare products. They are formulated specifically not to clog pores.
  • Try retinol or tretinoin facial creams. Evidence suggests that these compounds can decrease the chances of developing new milia.
  • Pat dry your skin with a facial towel. Use separate towels for your face and the rest of your body, and don’t rub your face dry! Instead, pat it gently until it’s dry.
  • Cleanse your skin regularly. Wash your face with a gentle soap that does not strip away natural oils that it needs to stay hydrated.

How Can I Get Rid Of Milia?

If the milia are on a newborn baby, it will likely resolve completely on its own, requiring no interference or treatment. But milia in adults almost always require treatment or extraction.
You shouldn’t pick at, poke or pluck milia – they’re a little more complicated to remove than a simple whitehead or blackhead. Since they’re underneath the skin, you might break the skin, cause bleeding, and scar the area permanently if you attempt to remove them yourself. Also, any time you break your skin, you risk introducing bacteria into it and causing infection.

Instead, choose to visit a qualified dermatologist. They can perform a quick, painless procedure to remove milia without any scarring or damage.

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