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Waxing or threading every week has always been a nuisance for women, making you anxious every time the hair starts growing. Laser hair removal treatment is an effective solution for having a hair-less body for a long time, but there are necessary steps to take before undergoing it. Allow me to enlighten you on how to prepare for laser hair removal.

6 Things to do Before Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is the most effective methods of removing unwanted hair, you might think that laser beam are painful, but that is not generally the case. Always prepare yourself for laser hair removal prior to the treatment in the following ways, and you’re good to go.

1. Do Not Wax or Pluck

When you wax or pluck your hair, you’re removing the hair from the roots. The laser device cannot target the pigment in your hair if you wax or pluck it before your laser session since the hair has been gone. Avoid applying any hair removing methods that involves removing the hair from the roots six weeks prior to the laser treatment.

2. Shave the Treatment Area

The most important part of preparing for laser hair removal treatment is shaving. It’s crucial to shave 24 to 48 hours before your appointment. The laser can locate the hair root inside the pigment even if it is undetectable. Since hair is underneath the skin’s surface, shaving lowers your risk of burns.

3. Do Not Bleach 

Laser hair removal targets the root of the hair. The color or pigments in your hair are situated in the roots, where they absorb the laser’s radiation and eventually cause permanent hair loss. Bleaching your hair changes the color and increases the difficulty of targeting the hair. Avoid bleaching six weeks before the treatment to give the hair roots time to regrow in their original color.

4. Choose Your Wardrobe

You have to choose your wardrobe carefully when going for your laser hair removal appointment because the treatment area will become irritated. Make sure your clothes are loose and airy to prevent more discomfort.

5. Avoid Sun Exposure

Two weeks before your appointment, avoid exposing the treatment area to the sun and make sure your skin is always protected with sunscreen. In order to reduce your chance of skin lightning and other negative consequences, you should also refrain from tanning or using sunless tanning treatment.

6. Remove Makeup and Cream

Beauty products or creams have ingredients that might occasionally affect the result of the laser treatment. Products such as deodorant, cosmetics, lotions, ointments, and any other topical application should be removed for the preparation of laser hair removal treatment. 

Wrapping Up!

Laser hair removal is one of the most popular treatments these days, and for the right reasons, but you have to prepare for laser hair removal prior to the treatment to have the desired result. Visit us at Care Dermatology to have more information about laser hair removal treatment with our expert dermatologists. 

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