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Hyperhidrosis Treatment In Florida

Hyperhidrosis, or excessive sweating, is a common disorder that can hurt your self-confidence. Normal sweating is part of a healthy life and helps your body maintain its optimal temperature. However, too much sweating is not good. It causes odor and underarm stains and can make you feel restricted and low in your social circle. However, there is good news! It’s possible to treat excessive underarm sweating!

How Is Hyperhidrosis Treated?

During the consultation, a dermatologist diagnoses the actual cause of unwanted sweating. If there is no medical condition present, then the treatment will include a reduction in the amount of perspiration that occurs. Various methods are available to achieve that, and one such therapy is miraDry.

What Is MiraDry?

MiraDry is a laser therapy that can help eliminate excessive sweating from the underarms so that you can have skin that is free from odors and hair. The procedure deteriorates the odor, sweat glands, and hair follicles from the underarms. As a result, you get to experience permanent dry and sweet-smelling skin. MiraDry is a fast and comfortable therapy during which the skin specialist engages the hyperhidrosis area with a cooling plate. Energy is then targeted to the follicles and glands, causing them to be destroyed. This therapy works for all types of skin colors, hair colors, and skin thicknesses.

The treatment results are immediately visible just after a single session. However, some patients prefer additional sessions for optimal results. If you are looking for temporary treatment, you can use a deodorant containing aluminum chloride. However, if you want a permanent solution, miraDry is the way to go to solve all your sweating troubles.

Hyperhidrosis Treatment In Florida
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