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KTP Laser Treatment In Florida

We offer skin treatments for patients of all ages and skin types. There are many skin treatment centers all over Florida; however, our patients prefer Care Dermatology because of the quality of equipment at our clinic and our dermatologists’ skills. If you need KTP laser treatment to give your skin a fresh and charming appearance, schedule a consultation with us. During your discussion, we will explore different treatment possibilities and talk about how to care for your skin before and after the procedure.

Our KTP skin rejuvenation treatment effectively removes hyperpigmentation, brown age spots, and sun-related damages. It does not matter if you need clear skin on your face, chest, arms, or legs; the KTP laser can successfully treat all your issues.

How long does the treatment last?

For most patients with even severe conditions, one or two treatments are sufficient enough to achieve the desired results. However, some may require multiple sessions to find the same satisfaction. The procedure is painless and comfortable; the results are immediate. In some cases, patients have reported a waiting period of five to seven days until they could fully witness the magic of KTP laser treatment.

Benefits Of A KTP procedure:

  • Skin tightening
  • Reduced wrinkles
  • Reduction in redness associated with rosacea
  • Treatment of broken blood vessels
  • Removal of acne scarring
  • Treatment of pre-cancerous sites

KTP laser treatment is precise in treating red and brown segments on the hand and body. The procedure clots the blood vessels and reduces the skin’s redness.

Contact us to schedule a consultation for a KTP Laser Treatment in Fruitland Park, Florida.

KTP Laser Treatment In Florida
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