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Mohs surgery is one of the most effective ways to remove skin cancer. However, like any operation, the thought of getting Mohs surgery can be scary. The surgery also leaves behind an open wound- which can only make you more anxious. Luckily though, the surgery site is easy to care for. Read on to learn how you can handle Mohs surgery wound care with confidence.

What is Mohs Surgery?

Mohs surgery is a treatment for skin cancers, including melanoma. During Mohs surgery, a doctor will remove thin layers of skin from a cancerous growth, as well as the surrounding area. This allows doctors to see exactly how far the cancer has spread. The skin is slowly removed and then examined under a microscope. Your doctor will continue to remove cells until they no longer see cancer. Patients are then left with an open wound, due to the nature of the procedure.

Mohs Surgery Wound Care

Mohs surgery wound care is a very important part of recovery. This will reduce your risk of infection and help your surgery site heal correctly. After surgery, you must keep your wound dry for one full day. After 24 hours, you should be able to bathe, but will need to protect your surgery site correctly. It’s also important to keep your heart rate low and avoid strenuous lifting or activities. This can increase your bleeding risk.

Your doctor will give you specific wound care instructions and will also tell you signs of a problem. Follow their instructions closely, and always call their office if you have a question.

Talk To Your Dermatologist

If you are recovering from Mohs surgery, then it is important to keep in touch with your doctor. They can help you with Mohs surgery wound care, as well as other important parts of recovery. Care Dermatology offers caring, cutting-edge treatments for skin cancer patients. If you are dealing with skin cancer, then give us a call today.

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