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Mole Treatment In Florida

Many people have moles on their skin, and the majority of them are not harmful. However, sometimes they can indicate skin cancer, and this is possible because some types of skin cancers have moles as their symptom.

Moles Treatment

Moles can be flat or slightly raised and are mostly brownish. There’s no specific body part on which the moles might appear, but they mostly happen in the areas exposed to sunlight. Genetics, fairer skin, and prolonged sun exposure are the leading causes of mole development.

Learning about moles can help you determine if you need to see a dermatologist. Not every mole is visible through the eye, and you need examination by an expert to determine the true scenario.

During the annual skin checkup, your dermatologist will examine your entire skin and perform a skin biopsy if there’s a need. We offer Mohs surgery to remove moles effectively. This procedure is a mixture of dermatology techniques and pathology and promises immediate and effective results.

Removing Moles

Moles can be removed using cosmetic and medical procedures, and the process is almost the same. There are various methods to remove moles, such as:

  • Burning the mole
  • Excisional Surgery
  • “Punch”
  • Shave excision with a scalpel

The majority of small moles are removed using shave excision. During the procedure, a dermatologist numbs the treatable area and then uses a scalpel to eliminate the mole. For larger moles, excisional surgery is the best bet. This procedure involves sutures and is necessary for complete recovery and reduced scarring. If you are a Mohs surgery candidate, your surgeon will use numbing creams to ensure you have a painless treatment.

Mole Treatment In Florida

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