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Skin cancer can be a deadly, heartbreaking disease. Luckily, skin cancer can be caught early with regular dermatologist visits. Since skin cancer can form on any area of the body, a full body skin exam is the most thorough way to check for suspicious moles. But is a full body skin exam really necessary? Plus, aren’t these exams embarrassing? Read on to get the facts on skin cancer checks.

What is a Full Body Skin Exam?

A full body skin exam is when your doctor simply looks over the surface of your skin, checking for irregular growths or moles. Checking the whole body is important as these moles can be small or hidden. While the exam might feel embarrassing, there is nothing to be ashamed of. After all, doctors perform these every day! Plus, the exam is quick, painless, and can even be life-saving.

Who Needs These Exams?

It is important for everyone to regularly check their skin for signs of skin cancer. However, people with weak immune systems or a personal/family history of skin cancer should get checked more often. Doctors also recommend people who have numerous moles get more frequent skin checks.

Signs and Symptoms of Skin Cancer

The first sign of skin cancer is usually a new or changing mole on the surface of your skin. Melanoma, the most common and serious form of skin cancer, usually presents as an irregular mole that is larger than a quarter of an inch. Click here to learn how to spot potential skin cancer.

Talking to a Doctor

If you think you may have skin cancer, then it is important to see a doctor. Care Dermatology can help, whether you need a skin exam, a biopsy, or a simple consultation. We will answer all of your questions, making the process easy and helpful. Don’t wait for your skin cancer check! Book your appointment today.

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