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Psoriasis is a condition characterized by scaling, itching, red patches, and dryness. If you’re experiencing psoriasis in your ears, it can be an uncomfortable and distressing experience. In this blog post, we’ll first describe the symptoms of psoriasis in ears. Next, we’ll discuss the causes of this condition. Finally, we will discuss treatment options you can receive at your dermatologist’s office.

What Is Psoriasis In Ears?

Psoriasis is a common skin condition that affects the general population and can have an impact on quality of life. The red patches and dry skin are caused by excessive growth of skin cells, which are known as epidermal cells. These new cells accumulate, forming thick patches of redness and scaling. People with psoriasis often find these patches on their knees, scalp, back or elbows. However, psoriasis patches can appear in any place that may be irritated or injured, including the outside of the ear (pinna) or the area behind your ear.

The itching and other symptoms of psoriasis in ears are directly related to the chronic inflammation caused by this condition. So, what causes psoriasis, and how can you identify it?

Causes of Psoriasis in Ears

The exact causes of psoriasis in ears are not well understood. Research has indicated that the chronic irritation caused by dry skin and the presence of bacteria in the skin can lead to this condition. Other scientists have concluded that the condition happens when the immune system begins attacking the skin cells. This leads to the skin cells growing and “shedding” more often than usual, creating the scaly plaques and buildup you can see. Common symptoms of psoriasis include:

  • Red patches with white scales on the ear
  • Thick and scaly patches in the ears, which may appear crusty
  • Itching and soreness of the skin, possible tenderness

While there is no cure for psoriasis, treatment options exist for relieving symptoms. So, we will discuss these treatments and their effectiveness.

Treatment Options For Psoriasis

Treatment for psoriasis in ears includes a variety of options, including prescription medications, over-the-counter medicine (available as an ointment or creams), and home remedies. However, your dermatologist will work with you to determine which treatment is the correct one for your condition.

It is worth nothing that some natural solutions include tea tree oil, aloe vera, and quercetin extract. In fact, tea tree oil has anti-inflammatory properties that can help your skin heal, while aloe vera soothes your redness and irritation.

A dermatologist can prescribe steroids taken orally or applied directly to the skin. They will generally prescribe them as a combination of corticosteroids and vitamin D analogs. The steroids reduce inflammation, while the vitamin D compounds boost your immune system. Other prescription medicines are available that help reduce and remove the scaling.


Finally, the best course of action for a complex condition such as psoriasis is to follow the expert advice of your dermatologist. They can prescribe a combination of medications, ointments and remedies that can help you manage your condition.

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