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Surgical Wart Removal In Florida

Warts are a benign skin condition caused by the HPV virus ( human papillomavirus) that produces a bump on the skin. Though warts can form on any part of the body, the primary victims are mainly the toes, fingers, and the scalp. Warts can affect people of all ages; however, they are most commonly visible in young children. Warts can be highly contagious, so it is good to have them removed by a certified dermatologist.

Do Warts Spread?

Since warts can spread from person to person, you can catch them if you come in close contact with those infected. However, that’s not the case with everyone, and people with a strong immune system easily fight off the virus. As compared to adults, children have weaker immune systems, which is why they are more prone to warts.

How are Warts Removed?

Various methods are available to remove unwanted lesions, including:

This is the process of using liquid nitrogen to freeze a wart. Warts turn into blisters, which are then popped with a needle and bandaged. You can immediately return to your normal activities following the procedure. Your warts will disappear after 4-6 treatments.

Liquid medicine is applied on and around the wart that starts an allergic reaction, making your body fight the lesion. A blister is formed, and the dead tissues shred away within a few days.

Surgical Removal Of A Wart
When other methods fail, warts may be removed using surgical excision. An electric needle or cryosurgery is used to destroy the base of the wart. 

Healing Time For A Wart Removal Surgery
The healing time depends on the severity of the warts and their locality. You should expect around two to four weeks for the area to fully recover from the surgery.

Salicylic acid
Several over-the-counter topical gels and ointments are available that contain salicylic acid. Regular application of the acid makes the wart disappear over the use of several weeks.

Laser Removal
This laser therapy makes the wart dead by eliminating the blood supply. Since the procedure can be painful, a local anesthetic will be applied to make things comfortable. The area is turned into a blister and popped with a needle.   

Surgical Wart Removal In Florida

What About Cutting Off Genital Warts? 

Genital warts are skin growths found on or around the anus or genitals and are formed by a sexual contact virus. A dermatologist removes genital warts on the penis or vagina by excision, which means cutting them off using a scalpel. A loop electrical excision procedure (LEEP) is used to remove the wart growth on the cervix. During the treatment, numbing creams or topical anesthetics are used to numb the area and make the process comfortable. Recovery after the procedure depends on the number of warts removed and their location. The average healing time for genital wart removal surgery is around 3-4 weeks.    

How much does it cost to remove a wart surgically?   

The cost of wart removal surgery depends on the clinic’s location and the number of removable warts. The average price of a surgical wart removal session can be between $200-$400.   

Contact A Wart Removal Clinic In Florida

Getting your warts removed early is extremely important in preventing the spread of warts to others. Care Dermatology offers quick and painless removal of warts from different body areas. Schedule an appointment with some of the top dermatologists in the region. Call our office today at (352) 612-1722.

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