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Do your pimples hurt?

Nobody enjoys any aspect of pimples, but it becomes worse when you have to endure pain as well. The reason pimples appear in the first place is because your body is trying to get rid of the stuff that does not belong there, such as dead skin, oil, and bacteria. In an effort to get rid of these, you will notice redness, swelling, inflammation, and even pain. So, why do pimples hurt, and how do we get rid of the discomfort? We will discuss this in this blog.

Why Do Pimples Hurt?

To answer, pimples hurt because your body is trying to get rid of dead skin, oil, and bacteria, which are supposed to be in the hair follicle. When your body attempts to push the unneeded elements out, the area becomes more sensitive. So, the pain is a result of your body fighting to keep the gunk out of your pores.

How to Get Rid of Painful Pimples

The first thing you should do to get rid of the pimple — avoid touching it at all costs! It might be pretty tempting to pop or squeeze the pimple, but it will do more harm than good, like increasing the risk of infection and scarring. Once you have committed to that, here are some ways to get rid of painful pimples:

  1. Ice It
    You can start by taking ice, wrapping it in a paper towel, and applying it to the pimple for around 5 to 10 minutes. Repeat this action every 15 minutes; this soothing action will help reduce the swelling and pain.
  2. Benzoyl Peroxide
    An effective treatment for painful acne is benzoyl peroxide. You can invest in a spot treatment, which tackles the root of the problem by killing the acne-causing bacteria. While usually, a product with 2% benzoyl peroxide is recommended, make sure you discuss it with your dermatologist before trying.
  3. Time to Warm it Up
    Is your pimple forming a white center? It is time to start with warm compresses. Apply a warm washcloth twice or thrice daily on the pimple for 5 to 10 minutes each time. You will observe a significant change!

When to See a Dermatologist

Home remedies and treatments do not show positive results every time. You will need to visit a dermatologist for acne treatment and clear skin. But when to seek professional treatment? Here are some instances:

  1. You have suddenly started breaking out on your face, upper chest, back, or anywhere else on the body when you have never before had to deal with acne. It could be another condition!
  2. Your acne gets worse even though you use over-the-counter products. If it has been 2 to 3 months since you started the OTC treatment and the acne is still persistent, visit a dermatologist!
  3. If your acne has an excess inflammation or you have a moderate to severe case, visit a professional healthcare provider right away! Nodules and cysts always need to be evaluated by a skin specialist.
  4. You suspect the pimple is a side effect of a medication.
  5. Your pimples make you feel extremely upset or depressed.

Final Takeaway

Your pimple might be hurting because of the oils, bacteria, or dead skin that clogs the pores. You can try many at-home treatments to get rid of the pimple, and if the case gets severe, visit a dermatologist!

Dr. Tarek Shaath is proud to provide treatments to people as the medical director of Care Dermatology. He graduated with the highest distinctions, at the top of his class, from the University of Kansas School of Medicine. During his time there, he received multiple notable awards, as well as an NIH-funded scholarship at the KU Cancer Center for the purpose of conducting a study on cancer metastasis. Thanks to his expertise and experience, Dr. Shaath will offer impressive treatments for your skin concerns!

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