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Don’t let psoriatic arthritis stop your life in its tracks. While this condition can be painful, there are many ways to manage symptoms and get long-lasting relief. Below, we will share some helpful tips for living with psoriatic arthritis

Understand Your Triggers

Psoriatic arthritis can be triggered by lots of different things. Common culprits include weight changes, stress, illnesses, and skipping your medication. However, every person will have different triggers. Understanding the unique cause of your flare-ups will help you prevent symptoms before they even start.

Manage Your Stress

Stress is a very common psoriatic arthritis trigger. Managing your stress can prevent flare-ups and also help to boost other areas of your life. For instance, exercise is a proven stress-buster that can also help with arthritic joint stiffness. Try yoga, meditation, breathing exercises, and other stress management techniques to see what works for you.

Look At Your Lifestyle

Looking at your lifestyle can also help you pinpoint your arthritis triggers. Smoking cigarettes, eating certain foods, and forgetting to take medications can all impact your disease. Making healthy choices is a key part of living with psoriatic arthritis.

Connect With a Dermatologist

Working with the right doctors will also help you take charge of your condition. A dermatologist can help you choose the best skin products and medications for your flares. They can also monitor your psoriasis over time and help you change your treatment plan if needed. Therefore, it is important to find a trustworthy doctor who you can visit for years to come.

We Make Living With Psoriasis Easy

Care Dermatology helps patients living with psoriatic arthritis get the care they need. We offer a variety of treatments for people with psoriasis, ranging from oral medications to topical treatments and more. Call us today to book your appointment.

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