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Vitiligo Treatment In Florida

When your skin loses its pigments, it looks like patches, called vitiligo. Vitiligo isn’t a dangerous skin condition, but it has no cure. It can affect any gender, race, or ethnicity and is more visible in those having excess melanin. Vitiligo happens when your body’s immune system works incorrectly and destroys the cells that produce pigments. Vitiligo is untreatable; however, various options are available to minimize the effects and output an evener tone.   

What Causes Vitiligo?

The reasons for vitiligo formation are still unknown, but there is some relation to genetics. If your parents or ancestors have had vitiligo, there is a high chance of you being affected. Both men and women can be victims of vitiligo, and the condition is more prominent in those with dark skin. There’s no specific age as to when vitiligo might appear, but the appearance is stronger at an older age. Those with a family history are at a greater risk.

It’s hard to tell if this condition will spread or not, but there is a chance that it can. Those affected by a specific type of vitiligo called “localized vitiligo” don’t have to worry about the spread. Additionally, undergoing certain treatments can help minimize the appearance of patches.

Treating Vitiligo

The experts at Care Dermatology work closely with each patient to understand their needs and help achieve their desired goals. The treatment plan includes laser skin resurfacing or light therapy. In some cases, steroid creams can do wonders to alleviate the appearance of patches.

Vitiligo Treatment In Florida

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