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XTRAC Laser Therapy In Florida

XTRAC laser treatment is a commendable procedure for treating psoriasis and some cases of eczema and vitiligo. The therapy is very effective at removing even the most stubborn skin lesions and other damages. Not all skincare clinics offer XTRAC laser treatment, which makes Care Dermatology a choice of many. Our office is equipped with the latest XTRAC laser equipment along with many other laser therapies. Even before scheduling an appointment or consultation, you can visit our clinic and witness the services and facilities that we offer.

What Conditions Can XTRAC Treat?


Though there is no cure for this disease, laser therapy can help alleviate the symptoms and provide relief. Psoriasis is a chronic condition and isn’t harmful, but patients complain they feel embarrassed in front of their peers due to the flareups.


In some cases, XTRAC has promised a notable reduction in eczema symptoms and minimized its lifespan. Remember, eczema can be easily disguised as a rash. Therefore, an examination with a skin specialist is needed to identify the actual disease.


XTRAC therapy can reduce the effects of vitiligo. It is an uncommon condition in which pigment creating skin cells are compromised due to an immune system’s attack.

XTRAC treatment is often recommended when all other topical or oral therapies don’t work. This laser therapy alone is enough to deliver glooming and scar-free skin, but in some cases, it might be used in combination with other therapies. Schedule an appointment to learn more about XTRAC – a perfect treatment for persistent skin lesions.

Xtrac Eczema Treatment
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