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Yearly Skin Exam

Yearly exams are designed to take care of your skin and play a vital role in the promise of a wholesome life. An expert dermatologist can perform a detailed examination to diagnose any signs of skin cancer and provide the right treatment.

During the exam, a dermatologist examines the entire body and checks for an atypical mole that indicates skin cancer. If there is skin cancer present, you may need Mohs surgery. Luckily, among the very few clinics in Florida that provide Mohs surgery, Care Dermatology is one of them. Mohs surgery is an effective technique to treat common skin cancers, including squamous cell carcinoma and basal cell carcinoma. The Mohs procedure is a combination of dermatology and pathology and requires a single session to perform a skin biopsy.

The Additional Benefits

Yearly skin exams not only work for skin cancer diagnosis but are effective at identifying many other issues including:

Self-diagnosis and self-medication are never recommended because it’s easy for a non-specialist to confuse between different skin issues. Only a dermatologist can correctly determine the underlying disease and help you get on the road to a successful treatment.

yearly Skin Exam

Contact us for a Yearly Skin Exam 

Schedule an appointment with our board-certified skin doctors at Care Dermatology. During the consultation, you can discuss any concerns and learn about effective skincare techniques and tips on keeping your skin safe from skin cancer and sun damage. The right knowledge is the path to the right treatment. Call our office today at (352) 218-3211 to schedule an appointment. 

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